Master Classes

As part of the CODE: A Media, Art and Games conference, we will be presenting two masterclasses convened by keynote speakers Jussi Parikka and Christian McCrea.

The masterclasses, which will be held simultaneously on the final afternoon of the conference (Friday 23 November), will provide a forum for intensive small-group discussion in a seminar-like environment.

The themes are as follows:

MASTERCLASS 1: Media Archaeology and Cultural Techniques

Convened by Jussi Parikka

This master class investigates notions of media archaeology in relation to a more recent (at least in English speaking academia) notion of cultural techniques. As what can now after the death of Friedrich Kittler perhaps posthumously reconstructed as one of the legacies, or continuations, of his media material thought, cultural techniques are one extremely interesting way of pitching the materiality of media in relation to specific historical techniques – not just bodily (Marcel Mauss) but as non-human agencies too. As such, we will discuss the opening up of media studies vocabulary to a range of techniques and practices from doors to maps to servants. However, despite using the term “media archaeology” as a vague placeholder, it should not be conflated with Kittler’s work too hastily – he himself denied being a media archaeologist! Instead, we will investigate notions of media in relation to some of Kittler’s writing, cultural techniques, and some other trends in German Media Theory.

The readings for this Master Class are below

MC Jussi readings rp169_article3_mapistheterritory_siegert.pdf
MC Jussi readings siegert cultural technique.pdf
MC Jussi readings siegert doors grey_a_00067.pdf
MC Jussi readings winthrop-young-siren-recursions.pdf

MASTERCLASS 2: The Designed Object of the Videogame

Convened by Christian McCrea

This workshop will focus on the 'designed object' of the computer game; first as a point of reference, and then as a place for theory-building. Game studies is a bounded field of study with significant formal discourse that is sometimes of use to other fields. The processes and functions of game design itself are often hidden from view in that discourse when theory is formed at the level of speculative realities and ontologies. The session will be framed by recent debates in game studies concerning procedurality, and will traverse a series of topics from that launching point. Participants will be asked to help form the session with some questions of their own emerging from prior readings, and the session will begin with the group playing a selection of recent independent computer games together.

Readings and further details specific to each masterclass will be distributed to participants by email in late October.

To reserve a place in either masterclass, please email us at ua.ude.niws|ecnerefnocedoc#ua.ude.niws|ecnerefnocedoc (using the subject line Masterclass) and let us know which of the two events you would like to attend. The number of participants in each masterclass will be limited to 20 to facilitate engaged discussion and debate. For this reason spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis – so be quick to ensure your first preference.

Once the quota for a masterclass is reached, names will be placed on a waiting list and you will be informed if any additional spaces open up.

Please note that your online conference registration and payment must be completed before you can register for either masterclass. If you have not yet registered for the conference, please do so first at Note that registrations close Monday 5 November.

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