CODE: Exhibition

The CODE exhibition aims to showcase practice-based research and creative works that address the key conference themes. We are pleased to announce that the exhibition will present a diverse and engaging selection of contributions from both national and international artists, researchers and academics.

The CODE Exhibition opening featured a live sound performance by artist Todd Anderson-Kunert, who has recently returned from Japan where he conducted a series of improvised performances with Katsunobu Yaguchi.

Artists in the Code Exhibition:

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Andre Brodyk 

Lisa Gye & Darren Tofts
A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz & Anton Hand
Nancy Mauro-Flude
Amani Naseem, Sarah Allaghui Sillehoved and Trine Laier
Aaron Oldenburg
Baden Pailthorpe
Jeff Thompson
Annie Wan

Samson Young

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