CODE 2012


The CFP for a special issue of Scan: Journal of Media Arts Culture, emerging from the themes of the conference, is open - please see here.


CODE - A Media, Games & Art Conference was held 21-23 November 2012 at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

The official conference Twitter remains active @code2k12.

Please view the tabs above for prior information on the conference, including the the program and abstracts and original conference Call for Papers and Creative Works. This site also provides an extended discussion of the conference background and themes and a list of readings.

For all CODE inquiries, please contact ua.ude.niws|ecnerefnocedoc#ua.ude.niws|ecnerefnocedoc

Keynote Speakers
Jussi Parikka - media theorist and Reader at Winchester School of Art. His recent books include Digital Contagions (2007), Insect Media (2010), and What is Media Archaeology? (2012). He has co-edited such books as The Spam Book (2009) and Media Archaeology (2011). His blog/site is at

Christian McCrea - essayist writing on videogame materiality and popular digital arts. He has recently published work such as 'We Play in Public: The Nature and Context of Portable Gaming Systems', 'Games and the Modern University' and 'The Art History of the Present'. He is the Program Director for Games at RMIT University. His website is

Anna Munster - writer, artist and Associate Professor at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. She has published Materializing New Media (2006) and has a new book, An Aesthesia of Networks, forthcoming with MIT (2013). She has recently written on materiality, code and art practices for Theory, Culture and Society and Inflexions. She collaborates artistically with Michele Barker using new and old media to explore and experiment with perception.

Conference Organising Committee

Esther Milne (Chair)
Steven Conway
Laura Crawford
Jane Felstead
Lawson Fletcher
Dean Keep
Jenny Kennedy
Ramon Lobato
Anthony McCosker
James Meese
Aneta Podkalicka
Mike Skolnik

Thanks also to Vlora Hoti, Troy Innocent, Jonathan Lang, Emily van der Nagel, Amanda Seabrook and Justin Westgate.

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